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September 6, 2014 / Jett

I Got Better Internet!

Having noodled with creating video content for the last few months, bandwidth has become a problem at our house. Our bandwidth limit was relatively small and the overage costs have been tremendous. While I was in the midst of considering ways in which we could scale back our internet usage to save money, I got a call from my service provider. Knowing that we’d gone over our limit for the last few months, they instead offered to switch us to a new plan.

With this new package, we get faster download and upload speeds, a new modem, and our limit over three times higher than before! Best of all, this new plan is actually a bit cheaper than what we’re paying now. Now that I have a much higher ceiling, it opens up more opportunities with video content. I can make videos that are longer at higher resolutions. I can crank out more videos overall. I may even noodle with live streaming more. For me, the biggest problem with live streaming was that I couldn’t play any online games while streaming at the same time, as my internet was too slow to handle both. It remains to be seen if this new setup will allow for that, but I’ll certainly try.

Kudos to my internet service provider for hooking us up. Not having to worry about the cap makes our lives a lot easier while allowing us to freely do what we want with the internet. When it comes to this site, hopefully that means more video content!


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