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July 25, 2014 / Jett

A Boy and His Blog: Celebrating 5 Years of In Third Person

On this day in 2009, I quietly released In Third Person into the Internet wilderness. At the time, my expectations for this blog were about as low as any. For me, if this was a place where I could express my views on video games, I was happy. Over time, I’ve expanded the scope of this site to include board games, comic books and stories from my personal life, but I hope my heart resonated through everything I created.

Looking back, I’ve managed to achieve far more with this project than I ever could have imagined. Being featured on the home page was a huge honour, as were nods from Marquette University, Indie Game: The Movie, and most recently, Off the strength of my work here, I earned a writing gig at Splitkick. I started up a podcast with an old friend and a new friend I initially met through the site that I’d eventually get the honour of meeting in Vegas. Most importantly, this site has accrued over 220,000 visits since its inception 5 years ago. You, the readers, have continued to support my site and I hope in return that the site provides you with content of value.

It’s been one heck of a ride and I hope it only gets better from here. Thank you for your support and let’s keep this thing moving!



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