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July 4, 2014 / Jett

Me Time

For years, I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that I create a steady stream of content for In Third Person. I’ve bought dozens of games to play that I wouldn’t have purchased otherwise in hopes that my time with them will be worth writing about someday. I’ve played dozens of games that ended up being bad and justifying my time with it by creating a post or video about it. I also literally spend every day working on this site in one way or another.

For those of you who support this site with your visits, views and/or purchases, thank you. I truly appreciate it and I hope to continue making all of your visits worthwhile. However, trying to maintain this pace has taken quite a toll on the quality of the content I produce and on my person well-being. Instead of going forward as I always have until I drive myself nuts, I’m going to take some time to think things through instead.

Before you jump to conclusions, no, I’m not leaving the site. I love In Third Person and want to continue creating quality content that you’ll and enjoy and that I’ll be proud of if I ever look at this whole thing in retrospect. With that said, I don’t think creating posts at the rate that I currently do meets that objective. At one point in time, the way I was living my life made it easier to keep that up. However, with the realities of life being what they are now, I’ve resorted to making content that doesn’t necessarily push my creative or technical boundaries in order to meet an arbitrary quota of posts in the name of consistency.

Consistency is crucial in the blogging space, but I don’t want to become a short-order cook style blogger in the process. I don’t want to drown myself in review assignments and Let’s Play videos for games I don’t care about because they’re easy to create. I want to go back to the spirit of my earlier days when my content had a bit more punch to it in terms of technical proficiency and heart. I also want to nudge my creative bounds forward with each piece of content I produce. If we’re to sticking to the cooking analogy, I want to be less of a short-order cook and more of a gourmet chef.

Creating better content takes more time, which I’m totally fine with taking if it means putting out a better product while saving my sanity. Furthermore, if I have nothing to say, I’m not going to say anything. Admittedly, I’ve forced myself to write or create something for the sake of consistency, which I don’t want to do anymore. It’s not conducive to creating good work and it’s not fun for me to do. If I go long stretches without making anything worthwhile, so be it.

Maybe this is all just an elaborate bailout to myself so that I can play more Ultra Street Fighter IV without thinking to myself that I should be doing something else with my time that’s more conducive to varied content on the site. If so, I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing, either. This project was always meant to be something I did within the flow of my life, which hasn’t been the case for quite some time. If all goes according to plan, this should all work out for everyone in the end.

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