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June 29, 2014 / Jett

Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff Review

Just before Spider-Man became Kraven’s prey in the classic Kraven’s Last Hunt arc, he was the one doing the hunting in The Death of Jean DeWolff. Rocked by the murder of a close acquaintance and police captain, Peter takes things very personally in his pursuit of her killer. Blinded by rage, his actions get him into big trouble.

The culprit is a masked maniac who goes by the name of Sin Eater. Toting a shotgun, he blasts holes in people’s chests as a means answering a higher calling. He seems like a fairly straightforward thug at first, though the character evolves into something very different by the end of it.

All eyes though are really on Peter and how poorly he manages his grief. No longer happy with simply catching the felon, he’s out to kill. Serving as the perfect foil to Spider-Man is Daredevil, who appears in the first four issues. Besides having them work as a team, Daredevil makes it even more evident how far off the straight and narrow path Spider-Man has drifted.

Over the course of seven issues, Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff thrills readers with great action while telling a nuanced tale about justice vs. vigilantism. I haven’t always been fond of reading comics from yesteryear, but this is as impactful today as it was at the time of its release. The name Jean DeWolff may not hold much weight to anyone, but the story that it sparks is one of Spider-Man‘s best.

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