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June 23, 2014 / Jett

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man – Fight Night Review

Tonight wasn’t supposed to be about web-slinging or skull-cracking. Instead, this was going to be an evening spent taking a family portrait at a creepy house to pay the bills. Before Peter knows it, it turns into a night where he must face off against 99 of his fiercest foes one after the other. This underlying premise makes Spider-Man: Fight Night sound a fever dream, and it kind of is for better or worse.

To create the effect of Spider-Man fighting through an otherworldly challenge, artist Marco Rudy goes wild with every aspect of the presentation. His beautiful art explodes off the pages in ways that conventional panels just can’t contain, which leads to striking layouts that won’t leave your consciousness anytime soon. At times, his art style changes as well to further amplify the effect.

It’s almost as if the entire premise of this book is to showcase some crazy art. Unfortunately, the writing only adds credence to this theory, as it’s kind of a mess. Throughout, Peter reflects on his life and some touching moments with Uncle Ben, but there’s no real rhyme or reason for why any of this is happening or why it ends the way it does.

As a collection of funky art, Spider-Man: Fight Night certainly succeeds in that regard. However, it was a pain to read, as it’s confusing tale simply wander aimlessly until it mercifully ends. With so many other quality Spider-Man reads out there, there isn’t any reason to give this a chance.

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