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June 5, 2014 / Jett

All New X-Men Vol. 4: All Different Review

Still reeling from the chaotic events that took place during the Battle of the Atom, the time-displaced X-Men and Kitty Pryde complete their side switch in All New X-Men Vol. 4: All Different. They don’t get much time to settle down though, as a distress call from Florida takes them to a modern X-Men member in need and the evolution of a past threat.

Now that the original X-Men are playing for the other team, I had concerns that this series would dilute itself by introducing the Uncanny team to the mix. Save for Magik’s largely-functional appearances (and one touching exchange with Kitty Pryde), the focus is right where it should be. Together, they face off against deranged zealots that want to mutilate them in the worst way. For those who have read God Loves, Man Kills, this particular arc may be especially appealing to you, though I enjoyed this just as much as the other books in the series.

The parts I found most interesting were the progressions made on the romance side. Ever since things got complicated between Jean, Beast and Scott, tensions have run really high within the group. Making things even more complicated is Scott’s unlikely crush. Where the heck is that going to go?

Also included in Vol. 4 is X-Men: Gold #1. This special 50th anniversary issue brings back many of the franchise’s most storied writers from Chris Claremont to Stan Lee to tell new short stories within the X-Men timeline. While the concept is great, the final product is lacking. The feature story from Chris Claremont only highlights my issues with his writing from decades past, and the rest are largely mediocre. My favourite of the bunch though is Options by Len Wein. Taking place just before Giant Sized X-Men #1, Wolverine sizes up his new teammates in case he has to throw down with any of them.

That one bonus issue isn’t enough to sink All New X-Men Vol. 4: All Different. The series continues to press the right nostalgia buttons while carving out a path of its own. In particular, it’ll be interesting to see how how it reconciles all of the love connections going forward.

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