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May 31, 2014 / Jett

New X-Men Book 3 Review

After a disturbing John Sublime diversion took precedence in Book 2, New X-Men Book 3 shifts the focus back to Cassandra Nova. Having taken over Professor X’s body before heading off to space with Lilandra, she begins her latest assault on mutant kind with unthinkable weapons at her disposal. Have the X-Men finally met their match?

Much of this book is focused on Cassanda executing her heinous plans. For the most part, it seems like she’s covered everything, which pushes the team to the brink. As things progress, they’re forced to turn to increasingly desperate measures, some of which defy my knowledge of what’s even possible within that universe. This is where Morrison’s writing really hits home, as the things he has the team do to just stand a chance are remarkable.

It all builds up to a stunning conclusion that is totally not worth spoiling even if it’s about 10 years old now. As these New X-Men books have progressed, Morrison continues to raise the stakes while shaking the foundations of what the X-Men are and what they can do. Though he’s also drifting further away from the traditional X-Men template, his books certainly stand out for their uniqueness and entertainment value. Book 3 wasn’t my favourite in the New X-Men series, though it’s a worth follow-up to the madness that ensued before it.

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