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May 27, 2014 / Jett

All-New X-Men/Indestructible Hulk/Superior Spider-Man: The Arms of the Octopus Review

Sporting a ridiculously long title, All-New X-Men/Indestructible Hulk/Superior Spider-Man: The Arms of the Octopus is a three-part special starring…yeah, I’m not going to list them all off again. I can’t speak for how they fit within the continuities of Hulk and Spider-Man, but this does fit within the All New X-Men timeline after issue #11. Our mutant blasts from the past take a trip to Times Square that’s rudely interrupted by a young Doctor Octopus. Did he somehow make the jump to the present day too? Spider-Man and Hulk get involved to put down this menace.

There are a few things I find dubious about this crossover special. For one, Marvel didn’t include the Marvel Now logo on the front of the book, even though all of the franchises represented here are part of that line. Also, neither the writer or any of the artists involved in the creation of this special are involved in the source material. Both are a cause for alarm before cracking this thing open.

The story itself is fine, albeit nothing remarkable. It’s nice to see the interactions between the present day Spider-Man and Hulk with the past X-Men, though their process towards solving the mystery and defeating the bad guy felt very formulaic. I’m also not particularly fond of the art. This goes for an art style that makes it stand apart from the franchises it’s based on, but I find the drawings and lack of detail to be overly crude.

Also included in the book is Wolverine: In The Flesh. A butcher has been slicing people in the San Francisco area and it’s up to Logan and his real-life celebrity chef buddy Chris Consentino to catch him before he murders anyone else. Wait, what? Unfortunately, this Marvel one-shot is largely as terrible as it sounds, with only mediocre art “saving” this train wreck.

Arms of the Octopus as a whole isn’t bad, but I can see why this one has been largely pushed to the side. It’s a nice-to-have for diehard fans who want everything, but not much happens, nor is it done in a particularly interesting manner. The Wolverine add-on isn’t really a bonus at all, as it’s quite possibly the worst comic I’ve read yet. Don’t feel bad by letting this one pass you by.

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