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May 26, 2014 / Jett

New X-Men Book 2 Review

Grant Morrison’s off-kilter take on Marvel’s mutants continues in New X-Men Book 2. This time, Cyclops and Emma Frost must stop John Sublime from harvesting mutant body parts in order to create superhuman soldiers. Some unexpected visitors at the front door of Xavier’s school are greeted by an even more unexpected host. Meanwhile, the conflict between Professor X and Cassandra Nova escalates deep into the mind of this new threat.

While I don’t think this one is as much of a roller coaster ride as the first, there’s no shortage of crazy things that happen here. As if the body part harvesting plot wasn’t enough to make you squirm, the stakes are raised even higher when key members of the team are put at risk of a horrendous fate. This book also marks the return of Phoenix, who makes an example of of her foes. The big letdown here is Wolverine, as he’s sent off on a boring mission to save a punk mutant.

I’m still of two minds when it comes to the art, but it really hits home in the final issue of this book. Without spoiling anything (even though the statute of limitations must be long gone by now), the art is able to tell a full issue with basically no words. With one final sentence at the end, I was once again taken aback by yet another shocking revelation.

If the lunacy of New X-Men Book 1 appeals to you, then there’s no reason to stop here. Book 2 provides more of Morrison’s madness that’s sure to please some and infuriate others. Personally, I’m all for it.

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