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May 25, 2014 / Jett

Morning Glories Vol. 6: Descartes

Death has played a major part of the Morning Glories story so far. In Vol. 6: Descartes, all of the story threads in play hone in on the concept of death and their impact on the situations at hand. Also, possibly due to the time-traveling shenanigans that have been occurring of late, the act of dying in very specific cases has led to unusual consequences.

Throughout this book, the story jumps between the myriad of scenarios and timelines that are now in play. Within the present, only a day of time passes. However, with all of the time traveling and flashbacks going on, there are things happening all over the place. We get a bit of a closer look at how the process works with an issue focused on Vanessa of the Truants that is one of the stronger ones in the set. Adult Casey also makes a meaningful cameo appearance that involves another Truant.

I’m really getting fed up by the lack of progression that’s taking place within the Morning Glories series, and this is no better than the rest in that regard. Vol. 6: Descartes gives us a bit more insight into what’s happened before with only one or two small things that tip-toe the main story forward. It was able to off-set that with shock value, but I think now that I’m thirty-plus issues deep, it’s going to take more than that to keep me interested. Also, I really get the sense that the story has dug itself into a hole that it just can’t get out of with all of the twists that have occurred so far. Steff has committed to sticking with the series, so the recently-released Vol. 7 should be in my hands any day now, though I’m not necessarily holding my breath for an upswing.

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