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May 21, 2014 / Jett

X-Men: First Class Vol. 1: Tomorrow’s Brightest Review

From the X-Men: First Class movie, to X-Men: Season One, to the current Marvel Now X-Men universe, the classic team of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Ice Man and Angel have been very busy of late. One of their first retro revival efforts was X-Men: First Class Vol. 1: Tomorrow’s Brightest. This 8-issue limited run was comprised of new one-off stories that took place during their heyday. Though the concept may have been novel at the time, I don’t think its execution gives it much to stand on beyond that.

One thing that immediately caught me by surprise is the tone of this book. All of the X-Men comics I’ve read to-date have an air of seriousness to the action and soap-opera-like drama, but this was weirdly light. Some of that comes from the cartoony and colourful art, but mostly from the writing. Everything about it is light, from the ho hum dialogue to the silly or cheesy moments that play out across the panels.

Maybe it’s a nod to X-Men comics of the past, and I’m not against lighter comics in general. However, the book is sorely lacking in substance. It’s attempts at humor are weak. Much of the book’s moments are cheesy in nature and fail to draw out the desired response. Most of the issues rely on a gimmick to carry it through, such as guest appearances from characters from within and outside of the X-Men universe.

When it doesn’t deliver on these and it doesn’t have any continuity to fall back on, X-Men: First Class Vol. 1 is just a collection of fluffy X-Men stories that go nowhere and aren’t all that entertaining. With the classic team being predominantly featured in the current X-Men universe, there’s no reason to track this one down.

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