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May 12, 2014 / Jett

Saga Vol. 2 Review

Meeting your significant other’s parents is a big – and oftentimes awkward – step in anyone’s relationship. This adage holds true for Marko and Alana, as she meets her husband’s parents for the first time. With that said, the stress of this initial encounter is amplified by a number of different factors, such as tense race relations, a missing spirit doubling as a babysitter, and a host of assassins out for their blood, including Marko’s ex-fiancee.

Saga Vol. 2 continues to build on the positive momentum from the first book in every conceivable way. The two lovebirds continue to be remarkably layered that I can’t help but grow further attached to. Though they spend much of this arc apart, there are many flashbacks that depict how they fell in love in the first place. I dare you to try and not read these parts without feeling all warm and mushy inside. Having Marko’s parents come into the fold also adds more flavour to the mix, as it’s clear to see the parallels that both couples share.

For all the love talk, there’s still a fair amount of action that takes place within this series of issues. Most of this is handled by the assassins, who now have another ally on their side with even more skin in the game than they do. Marko’s ex-fiancee Gwendolyn is clearly out for blood, but as the series has done with the other “bad guys”, they’ve given depth to her character in ways that make you empathize with her situation. It’s a beautiful thing to see all of these characters exist in a world with shades of gray, as it makes for a tale feels much more genuine.

Fiona Staples continues to capture the drama with wonderful art. Save for one monster design where a specific piece of anatomy is amplified a bit too much, everything here continues to impress. Whether she’s trying to convey a large scale space battle or an emotional moment between two people, she’s able to do every scene justice.

As a continuation of the story established in Vol. 1, Saga Vol. 2 is a marvelous follow-up. Everything about it pushes the story forward in entertaining and meaningful ways while delivering a top-notch visual experience. With two great books under its belt, Saga is a series that I strongly recommend checking out. With the relatively recently released Vol. 3 sitting on my shelf, I’m excited to go wherever this story takes me.

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