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April 27, 2014 / Jett

Morning Glories Vol. 2: All Will Be Free Review

Morning Glories Vol. 1 left me scratching my head. Sure, I had a good time reading it, but I struggled to make sense out of the mysterious, weird and downright creepy events that took place. Vol. 2: All Will Be Free does little to answer my questions about why this school is so messed up, but it does provide some sorely-needed context around a number of key characters.

Each issue in Vol. 2 focuses on a different character. Casey doesn’t get the feature treatment, though her her new friends and one new character do. They do a great job of giving depth to these people while inching the story just a little bit further. While these issues attempt to differentiate the students from each other, the things that may be most startling are the things they have in common.

I enjoyed my time more with Morning Glories Vol. 2: All Will Be Free than I did the original because of its focus on character development. Having that extra context made things more digestible, though many of my questions have been left unanswered and new ones have arisen. Most notably, why the heck are these kids still at this school when everyone and everything tried to kill them?! I would have ran for dear life the moment I had the chance!

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  1. davekheath / May 8 2014 11:04 AM

    Morning Glories is the only comic book I literally dropped because a twist shocked me so much.

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