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April 22, 2014 / Jett

Ms. Marvel #3 Review

Kamala Khan’s exploits under the guise of the classic Ms. Marvel have made headline news. While people are confused as to why Carol Danvers has made a mysterious return, the true heroine continues to struggle with life as a teenager and as someone with super powers. Ms. Marvel #3 continues the series’ hot streak with another great outing.

This issue continues to follow the formula that’s worked so well for it so far. We get glimpses of Kamala deal with her issues at home, as her family has grounded her for being out late at the party. We also get to see her struggle with her thoughts towards Bruno, a guy she likes but the one that got her in trouble. Best of all, as she finally starts to get a grasp of her powers, she learns the hard way that this is more than a game.

Kamala Khan continues to be one of the best characters Marvel has going. Her angsty teen angly with a Muslim twist continues to work wonders as something that is easy to empathize with while bringing a unique perspective to the comic book world. She’s powered by great writing that adds a level of genuineness that I’ve come to expect from this series. From a visual perspective, this book continues to deliver with expressive art and a great colour palette. My favourite thing about this issue is the way that it ends. This particular ending may be trivial in any other super hero book, but the way it’s presented here within the context of this book trying to be a bit more grounded in something real, this moment hits its mark perfectly.

If you’re not reading Ms. Marvel yet, what are you waiting for? Ms. Marvel #3 is yet another stellar offering that finds the right balance between a human story and heroics. Issue #3 is another treat for followers of the series and a must read if you liked the first two.

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