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April 19, 2014 / Jett

Wonder Woman Vol. 4: War Review

DC Comics’ most dysfunctional family returns in Wonder Woman Vol. 4: War. The potential baby of doom is finally in the hands of his mother Zola, but the baby isn’t out of the woods yet. His oldest brother just spent 7,000 years digging himself out of a hole in order to rule Olympus and the baby is one more obstacle in the way of him seizing the throne. Considering the fact that he’s had that long to dwell on his plight, he’s not going down easy.

Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang have done a bang-up job up to this point of making this series shine bright. Vol. 4 is no different, as it progresses the story with an epic battle between formidable opponents. Once again, Wonder Woman as a character continues to rock and everyone else plays their parts perfectly. Cliff’s art continues to impress and the colour job on every page further strengthens this series’ signature look. The best part of this is the end of the final issue, where a twist of fate will be a game changer for Diana Prince.

I might be speaking as a fanboy drinking the Kool-Aid at this point, but the New 52-era Wonder Woman deserves it. This series is on a roll and Vol. 4: War is another stellar effort. Now that I’m all caught up on the trade paperback editions, continuing with the monthly comic issues is becoming a very tempting option. I much prefer the book format, but I want to stay on top of this awesome series as best I can.

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