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April 18, 2014 / Jett

Wolverine Vol. 1: Hunting Season Review

Issue #1 of Wolverine: Hunting Season didn’t do much to impress me. However, finding the trade paperback that compiles the first six issues of Marvel Now Wolverine for under $10 was enough for me to give this solo adventure another go. Does the continued arc deliver where the first issue failed?

Logan is best known for slicing things to bits with his Adamantium claws, but what does he do against a threat that has no physical form? Some mysterious presence is taking control of humans and using them to harm others. Wolverine is forced to shank some people that were unfortunately under the influence of this threat, but he tries his best to get to the bottom of this mystery before shedding any more blood.

Save for one major revelation that is going to impact the X-Men universe going forward, this book was pretty unremarkable. I was indifferent about the art, and the story doesn’t play its mystery cards very well. In particular, I don’t think Wolverine works very well as a sleuth.

Wolverine Vol. 1: Hunting Season is not all that great, but one pivotal event that takes place within these pages potentially sets up great things in the future. Unless you really must know what that moment was or how it happened, I’d skip this completely.

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