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April 17, 2014 / Jett

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 Review

While most of the X-Men universe got relaunched as part of Marvel Now, Wolverine and the X-Men stayed on course until the series’ recent end with issue #42. As part of the All New Marvel Now initiative, the counter on the series has been turned back to #1. Starting fresh has worked wonders for some of the other X-Men lines, but this one sputters out of the gate on almost all fronts.

For a debut issue of Wolverine and the X-Men, Logan is largely non-existent. He shows up in one short scene; half of which is him talking to an old acquaintance. In fact, due to story reasons, most of the X-Men you’d recognize either make short cameos or aren’t here at all. Instead, much of the focus here is on former student and current teacher assistant Quentin Quire. This young gun is destined for big things, but he’s not at all likeable or even interesting. Admittedly, this comic takes place farther along the main X-Men timeline than where I’m currently at, so there may be more context there. Still, neither he or his peers do much to carry this story along.

If there’s any redeeming quality that this book has is that it features great art. Everything is drawn with a certain level of sharpness to it, and the colour choices really make things pop. However, since most of the featured characters aren’t the ones you care for, there isn’t as much to be excited over.

Up until this point, I’ve been receptive of following anything tied to the plot of All New X-Men. Wolverine and the X-Men does have that going for it, but this first issue focuses on all of the wrong things while not actually going anywhere meaningful. In light of Logan’s “dilemma” and Quentin Quire’s “situation”, things have the potential to pick up from here. Unfortunately, because of how poorly this starts, I’m not exactly lunging at the opportunity to watch it develop.

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