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April 15, 2014 / Jett

Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron Review

To say that Zola’s baby had a rough start to life sure is an understatement. From the moment the baby was born on Olympus, it was immediately stolen away from its mother by Hermes, who we thought was one of the good guys. Now in Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron, she must track the tiny tot down before something terrible happens. Along the way, she meets even more members of her complicated family tree and something new is brewing in Antarctica.

At this point, I’m starting to see the seams of the Wonder Woman formula. There’s one major thing she needs to accomplish each arc while being backed up by a revolving door of Greek Gods in support or antagonist roles. The God of War (not Kratos) plays a major part of Vol. 3, particularly in issue #0 that kicks off this set. As of now, the writing is still top-notch and continues to deliver the goods at every turn.

Cliff Chiang’s art has always been a huge selling point for me, though I have criticized the series in the past for the times when he’s not leading the charge, as it’s led to considerable drops in quality. This time, there are many other artists that lend a helping hand, but they do a much better job of keeping the look consistent. Even still, Cliff’s work continues to impress.

Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron is yet another great outing for the first lady of superheroes. Between this and the first two volumes, there’s a lot of quality content in this series to keep a newcomer satiated for a while. Even if you never gave Diana Prince a second thought, I would still recommend these books to you as a great introduction.

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