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April 12, 2014 / Jett

Pick-Up Post: April 2014 Reading Material

All is more or less still quiet on the video game front, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having that extra free time has been beneficial for going to the gym or playing hoops. Hopefully, I’ll be able to turn some of that extra free time into a better body, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down any hot video games if there were any of interest coming my way.

In the meantime, things are only heating up on the comics side. April has been a great month for expanding my collection with back catalogue books while sampling some of the newer stuff that’s outside of my current reading list. With May being the month for the next installments of Batman, All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men, things are only going to pick up from here. Check out the April stash below!

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Buy Now)
The book that loosely inspired the modern classic video game is highly regarded as one of the darkest and best in the Batman catalogue. This one also features some of the most distinctive and striking artwork I’ve seen in a comic yet.

Joker (Buy Now)
I’ve seen this book a bunch of times at the store and never gave it a second look. Two things pushed me over the edge to finally grab it. One, it’s written by Brian Azzarello, who currently writes Wonder Woman. Diana Prince’s New 52 run is one of my favourite modern comics going, so I’ll gladly give his work another shot. Also, I grabbed it at half price at BMV. Between those two things, I couldn’t say no.








Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection Books 1 and 2 (Buy Book 1) (Buy Book 2)
At Comicon, every vendor I talked to about my interest in the X-Men encouraged me to check out the Joss Whedon’s run of Astonishing X-Men. Word on the street is that during his tenure, he made some of the best X-Men comics ever. However, after his departure, the series apparently took a nosedive before ultimately being cancelled. As a comic book newbie, I had concerns about not reading a series from beginning to end, though I hear that Whedon and Cassaday do at least wrap up their run with a clean breaking point. I won’t pass on the opportunity to read more good X-Men, so bring it on!

Saga Vol. 1 (Buy Now)
When talking about comics with one of my coworkers, he cited Y the Last Man as his all-time favourite series. It just so happens that the writer of it has a new ongoing series called Saga. Set in the future, two soldiers of opposing factions fall in love and give birth to a child. Now viewed as traitors of their respective sides, they must now try to survive in a world where everyone wants to kill them. Most of my comic book reading has been of the superhero variety, but I’m open to quality work of any sort at this point and this may be a gateway to something new.

Batman ’66 Vol. 1 (Buy Now)
Holy throwback Batman! One of DC Comics’ latest is a nod to the campier Batman as seen on the 1960s TV show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Considering the fact that this show was my first ever experience with the Caped Crusader, I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for this particular type of Batman story. Since most of my Dark Knight reading has been of the grittier variety, this could serve well as a nice change of pace.

Justice League Vol. 1: Origin (Buy Now)
Issue #1 of DC’s super group series was one of the standouts from my New 52 omnibus. With my attention occupied by others, it’s only now that I’m going back to explore this further. Taking place five years before the present, this book tells the story of how the Justice League came to be. I’m not particularly a fan of the Green Lantern, so if he continues to be a loudmouth jerk that gets repeatedly put in his place by friends and foes alike as he did in the first issue, I’m all for it.

Superman: Unchained #1 (Buy Now)
The end of this series is currently marred by delays, though it’s not necessarily a bad time to start with the newest Superman solo series. I’m not much of a fan of The Man of Steel, but with current Batman writer Scott Snyder and legendary artist Jim Lee on board, this is quite possibly one of my best opportunities to turn that perception around. If this goes well, I’d consider picking up the book once the series is eventually completed.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 (Buy Now)
New 52 era Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang might very well be my favourite comic series going right now. With a thirst for more, I’m starting with her other modern appearances before digging through the archives. Superman/Wonder Woman begins at some point after they officially become a couple in Justice League. Like Superman: Unchained, if this first issue is good, I’ll continue reading when the inevitable trade paperback hits stores.

All New X-Men/Indestructible Hulk/Superior Spider-Man: The Arms of the Octopus (Buy Now)
Arms of the Octopus is a three-part special where the aforementioned cast must take down a young Doctor Octopus. How the heck is he here when we know that Doc Ock’s conscious is currently inside Peter Parker’s brain? Considering the fact that Marvel didn’t put their Marvel Now logo on the cover, nor is this created by anyone associated with these series’, I’m proceeding with caution here.


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