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April 12, 2014 / Jett

Batman – Detective Comics Vol. 3: Emperor Penguin

Had I not bought the first three volumes of Detective Comics in one shot, I would have stopped after the second one. The first showed potential, yet had a few glaring holes, while the second only made things worse with a droning story that didn’t go anywhere. I picked up Vol. 3: Emperor Penguin with the mindset that I would just plow through to get it over with, but then I noticed that the names on the cover were completely different.

Kudos to Tony Daniel for all the work he’s done in the past. I think his art in Detective Comics is great. I even liked his writing in Savage Hawkman #1. But as far as his work with this series, it really fell off a cliff. With a new creative team at the helm, this may be the kick start it needs to get back on track.

One of my ongoing concerns with Detective Comics is the revolving door of super villains that appear in each volume. Sure, this lends itself to a lot of action, but their appearances are often so disjointed that it doesn’t make much sense as to why Batman is moving from one story arc to the next. Volume 3 still features many appearances from Gotham’s worst, including Poison Ivy, Clay Face and the Penguin, but the execution is handled better. It now makes more sense as to how the actions of each villain connect, and each of their arcs are well told.

After the fight with Clayface though, the story takes yet another dive. The Joker-centric Death of the Family tie-in is rather weak here, and the rest of it just isn’t that interesting. Because of this, it feels like the book just stumbles towards its merciful end.

And with that, I end my run with Batman – Detective Comics. The series showed potential after the first book, but things only got worse after that. Even switching over to a new creative team wasn’t enough to turn this one around. Colour me disappointed.

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