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April 11, 2014 / Jett

Batman Eternal #1 Review

Between the myriad of solo stories, team-ups and Justice League responsibilities, Batman is the busiest man in comics. His life is only going to get crazier from here, as Batman Eternal #1 is the start of a new weekly series for The Dark Knight. Have we reached the saturation point for Bruce Wayne stories? Well, if they continue to be as good as this one, then the answer is no.

Things start at the presumed end of this story. Batman has found himself caught in a very bad spot, but it doesn’t dwell on this for very long. Batman has more pressing things to take care of, such as saving Commissioner Gordon from a scrap with Professor Pig and his cronies. The outcome of this encounter clearly sets this series up for greater things to come in the immediate future.

Handling this first issue is Scott Snyder, the writer behind Batman with art from Jason Fabok, whose previous experience includes Detective Comics. Between the two of them, they craft an issue that feels like a mix of the best elements from both comic lines. From a writing perspective, the action is expertly paced and builds up at the right moment. As for the art, there are some spectacular panels here. One of my favourites occurs towards the end, though I won’t go into spoiler-territory in regards to what it depicts.

I will wait for the eventual trade paperback release of Batman: Eternal, but if issue #1 is an indication of what’s to come, the I’m very excited for the future. This was a great starting issue and one that may inspire you to come back to the comic store every week for more. Even if you’re already reading one or more Batman comics, this is probably going to be more of what you’re

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