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April 6, 2014 / Jett

Wonder Woman Vol.2: Guts Review

Of the dozens of comics I’ve read in the last month or so, Wonder Woman has been the surprise hit. It’s mix of Greek mythology, superhero action and Maury-style baby mama drama make for a compelling read unlike anything else I’d experienced to-date. Vol. 1: Blood was a great first effort and Vol. 2: Guts picks up right where things left off.

At the end of Vol. 1, Wonder Woman and her group of gods sort of made a deal with the devil to fend of Hera. Well, Hades wants them to pay up on their end of the deal, which leads to Zola getting dragged into the underworld. Diana Prince isn’t going to let her new friend and unborn half brother live out their days in Hell.

Once again, Wonder Woman continues to be a bad ass going awesome things throughout. She’s backed by a great story arc that takes her to Hell and back in dramatic fashion and her supporting cast continues to shine. Eros and Hephaestus are introduced here and make a great addition to the cast, while a hilarious cameo by Persephone comes in at the perfect time.

Cliff Chiang’s art continues to impress. His work gives everything a distinctive look that I love and one that fits the story perfectly. During the end of Vol. 1, someone else handled art responsibilities and it was noticeable to a fault. I really didn’t like the artist change and was hoping that this wasn’t indicative of things to come. Thankfully, Cliff’s art carries throughout and this book is better overall for it.

Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Guts is an even better follow-up to the original. If you’re not reading the latest adventures of Diana Prince, this is just another reason to follow one of my favourite comic book series right now. With the way things are going in the story, I can only imagine things getting crazier and better from here.

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