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April 4, 2014 / Jett

Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4: Joker’s Daughter Review

I came into Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4: Joker’s Daughter essentially blind. I haven’t read any of The Dark Knight line besides issue #1, and I didn’t even know that The Joker had a daughter. With that said, curiosity got the best of Steff, who picked this up when she saw it at Toronto Comicon.
Though I may not have the full picture, this issue is supposed to introduce Duela Dent to the world. In it, she roams the sewers of Gotham before taking over leadership of a hobo group living there. Along the way, the Duela reflects on her twisted past in which her twisted and abusive dad helped turn her into a monster. Oh yeah, and she somehow got a hold of the Joker’s face as it was floating along.

I had a really hard time following along with this one. The way her origin is played out is very disjointed and I don’t really know why she attacked that hobo group. I also have no idea what any of this is building up to. Messed up things just sort of happen with no rhyme or reason and then it’s over.

Maybe I’m missing something by not having followed The Dark Knight, but I don’t get this issue. Even outside of that, it should have done a better job of establishing her as a character and it doesn’t. Not sure if she’ll appear in the other DC Comics I’m reading, but if so, I hope she makes a better impression than this.

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