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April 1, 2014 / Jett

All New X-Men Vol. 3: Out of Their Depth

Last time on All New X-Men, someone on the original team jumped ship to join present-day Cyclops and his group of revolutionaries. In Vol. 3: Out of Their Depth, we find out who actually jumped ship, though this may not be the biggest history-altering event that happens between issues #11-14.

There are once again no shortage of quality exchanges between characters. Some of the bright spots here include young Cyclops meeting his brother Havok for the first time, as well as a great fight scene between the X-Men and Mystique’s group of hooligans. The series of issues ends with a romantic twist that is sure to knock the socks off of any X-Men fan.

Vol. 3: Out of Their Depth is another great outing, though it’s also the first in the series that I have a genuine criticism with. At a certain point in this set, the art style changes to its detriment. I love how detailed the art has been to-date, but there are entire issues here that look crude in comparison, especially when at that resembles the original style is still in this set. It’s not enough to ruin the story, but it is a bit of a disappointment to see it downgrade towards the end.

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