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March 27, 2014 / Jett

Wonder Woman Vol.1: Blood

Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of the most iconic comic book characters of all-time and one of the original symbols of girl power. She’s also a character that had no real significance to me up until this point. Not that I had anything specific to hold against her, but I think the perceived girliness didn’t seem like something I was all that interested in. As part of the New 52 omnibus, Wonder Woman made a positive impression on me with her standout “first” effort. Off the strength of that, I did not hesitate to pick up Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood when I found it for half price at a store closing sale.

This story starts out on a Virginia farm, as Hermes attempts to protect an unassuming woman named Zola from getting killed by mythical monsters. Through the power of magic, Wonder Woman is teleported in to save the day. As it turns out, Zola happens to be carrying the latest illegitimate child of Zeus and Hera’s not too pleased about it. Diana Prince makes it her mission to protect her from the jealous God, but the mystery surrounding these events only gets messier until they hit Wonder Woman on a very personal level.

Feeling like an unusual mix of Greek mythology, the birth of Jesus, and The Terminator, the first four issues in this collection are stellar. Wonder Woman is portrayed as a strong figure that’s still easy to relate to and like. Her supporting cast is particularly strong, including Zola, who could have easily just been Zeus’ latest baby mama if it took a turn for the worse. I also love the art by Cliff Chiang, which provides a distinct look that breathes life into the action. In issues 5 and 6, the artist is changed and the story focus is shifted to a different direction that I didn’t like as much, but they also lay the groundwork for the story to head back in the right direction.

I may not have given Wonder Woman the time of day before, but Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood has made me take notice. This is an excellent relaunch for her that has catapulted itself into one of my favourite reads so far. Looking forward to seeing where this mythological baby mama drama goes next!

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