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March 25, 2014 / Jett

All New X-Men Vol. 2: Here to Stay

Since starting this comic book adventure with the All New X-Men, I’ve been reading a lot of other stuff, mostly from the DC and Marvel relaunch omnibuses I purchased. Some of them were really good, others were alright, and there were a handful that I couldn’t even get through. Still, everything I’d read to date fell short of the high bar that All New X-Men set. Maybe it’s the short-term nostalgia setting in, but I thought that first book read beautifully, was an interesting take on the X-Men universe and also featured great art.

Now that I’ve run myself through a crash course in comics, I come into Vol. 2: Here to Stay with what I think is a keener eye to what I think a good comic book should be. Was I wowed by the first one just because it was my first book? Or is this old/new X-Men crew really worthy of high praise?

Covering issues 6-10 of the comics, Vol. 2 progresses the story forward with further plot developments and appearances from old friends and even older foes. Sensing an opportunity to take advantage of the X-Men‘s situation, Mystique pays the young Scott Summers a visit. Not knowing what her deal is, Scott probably trusts her a bit too much which comes back to haunt the team later. We also get to see the new group take on the Danger Room for the first time with horrible results. Finally, another stand-off between the past and current teams ends with someone switching sides while putting the space time continuum at risk.

Brian Michael Bendis continues to win me over in a big way with his great stories and excellent character dialogue. In particular, he continues to pull on fan’s heartstrings by toying with age-old concepts that define the X-Men and twisting them in interesting ways now that both the past and present have collided. I also think that the art in this series continues to be stellar.

Having started off strong, All New X-Men Vol. 2: Here to Stay continues to carry the positive momentum of the first book. I love the way in which it continues to develop its main story arc while putting the whole thing at risk of re-writing history. No reason to skip this one if you already read and enjoyed the first set of issues.

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