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March 24, 2014 / Jett

Suicide Squad Vol. 3 Death is For Suckers Review

After a strong debut, I really felt like the Suicide Squad series fell off a cliff in Vol. 2 with an uninteresting story arc and a focus on characters that don’t bring much flavour to the table. In particular, having Harley Quinn sit out much of this set of comics really sucked the life out of this set. This time, Harley’s back, but how will the team cope without Deadshot, who sacrificed his life for the good of the last mission?

Things start off hot, as Deadshot’s funeral is interrupted by the Joker. He easily stuns the rest of the crew, leaving Harley as the only member standing. Turns out that even though he’s pissed that she had a fling with someone else, he still wants her back in his life. This conflict is the highlight of the set, which happens early on.

After that, we find out that Deadshot is not actually dead. Well, he isn’t now, anyway. As it’s gradually revealed in this series, the government has gone a long way towards protecting their assets. Together again, they head off on their next mission to take on Red Orchid, who just happens to be Yo-Yo’s sister. The oft-forgotten member of the team gets a little bit of shine, though I still don’t feel much for him.

Vol. 2 was a stinker, but DC sort of redeems themselves here. Harley Quinn versus the Joker was one of the single strongest moments for the series yet. However, the rest of it didn’t maintain that momentum and I’m really not sure I like how it all ended. If Steff wasn’t actively following the Suicide Squad, this would probably be where I stop. Having the luxury of mooching off of her comic stash, I guess I’ll find out in a few months whether this series finally returns to its former glory or if that initial run was a flash in the pan.

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