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March 22, 2014 / Jett

Wolverine: Logan Review

In the Wolverine: Logan mini-series, the X-Men’s adamantium warrior travels to Japan to settle an old score. As much as I love the character, my first attempts at reading some of his Marvel Now solo outings have been busts. This one however, is really well done.

This three-issue Marvel Knights series takes place in the present day, though there are many flashbacks to his time in World War II. Captured by the Japanese, Logan, he meets a US soldier in prison. Shortly after they break out, they come across a woman that’s just walking by. The two men have conflicting views on how to handle the situation, which ultimately leads to explosive results; figuratively and literally.

I’m not particularly fond of the art, but the story and dialogue are some of the strongest I’ve read in comics yet. Everything flows smoothly while building towards a ridiculous (and ridiculously good) conclusion. Along the way, we learn a bit more about what makes Logan tick and how he can actually be a bit of a softy. Don’t worry, there’s still no shortage of Wolverine shanking dudes the only way he knows how. I’m not sure where this sits in the pantheon of Wolverine stories, but Logan was a great read.

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