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March 1, 2014 / Jett

Girl Fight Demo Impressions

When fighting games first went mainstream in the 90s, there were a slew of knock-offs that were simply trying to cash in on the craze. I can rhyme off Ballz, Clayfighter and Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi as a few games that fit in this category, though there are dozens – if not hundreds – of other half-baked fighters looking to make a quick buck. While I only played the demo for Girl Fight on Xbox Live Arcade, I’m pretty sure you can add this to the list.

Girl Fight is a 3D fighting game from Kung Fu Factory and Majesco. Heavily inspired by the Dead or Alive series, this game features scantily-clad women beating each other up for who knows what reason. Besides its premise, Girl Fight also lifts a lot of gameplay elements from Team Ninja’s series, such as its signature counter system. On top of that, there’s a power-up system that is similar in nature to gems from Street Fighter X Tekken.

Taking inspiration from elsewhere wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t executed on so poorly. The character designs feel like they’ve been ripped from the 90s, as they play heavily into stereotypes of the lowest common denominator. In the demo, you get Warchild, who is a sexy soldier, and Chaos, who is basically Harley Quinn. It doesn’t help that they don’t actually look all that attractive due to the game’s bad art direction and graphics. Adding to the cliche nature of the game is its soundtrack, which seemed to be entirely made up of bad dubstep.

I could probably get over a lot the game’s presentation shortcomings if the combat was top-notch, though that’s definitely not the case here. To the game’s credit, it’s not bad, but the moves and combos are nothing to write home about. At best it feels like a poor man’s Dead or Alive. The gem system doesn’t really do much for this game either, as their impact on the outcome of a match seemed minimal. It’s also stupid to watch girls suddenly transform into metal Mario or The Human Torch, but whatever. Even from a strictly performance perspective, it doesn’t run at a solid framerate, which doesn’t look great and can have an impact on your ability to play.

Girl Fight seems like a throwaway title that fails to one-up the franchise it emulates in every conceivable way. It’s not fun to play. It’s not arousing to look at. It’s not even the cheapest way to play an all-girl fighting game anymore, as there’s a free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate on PlayStation Network. Even if you’re into bad games, I don’t think this is quite bad enough from a gameplay perspective to make it something you can laugh at for very long. Maybe it magically turns things around if I were to buy the full version for $9.99, but I’m not going to pony up the dough to find out.

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