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March 1, 2014 / Jett

Fluxx Review

Fluxx is a game whose presence is ubiquitous. Practically every board game store I’ve been to carries this as well as the game’s many variants and expansions. Since it’s being widely distributed, it must be good, right? It also doesn’t hurt the game’s cause that I’ve generally read favourable things about the game online. On one fateful date night at Snakes and Lattes, we gave this one a shot.

The hook of Fluxx is the concept of ever-changing rules. By using New Rule or Goal cards, players can use them to change how turns work or how players win the game. You’ll also get Keeper cards which you collect as a means of reaching the goal. Since the goal routinely changes, you’ll often find yourself rejiggering your collection of Keeper cards to try and keep pace.

It’s an interesting concept that works, but there’s no real joy or excitement that comes from exploring these gameplay mechanics. You don’t really make any interesting choices, as you’re mostly just playing cards to move the game forward. The game doesn’t really have a theme to support any of the action, either. Everything from the rules themselves to the Keeper cards you’re looking to collect are super generic, as they feature things like balloons, cats and ice cream that have no real connection to each other. Because of this, you’re simply playing a mediocre numbers game.

I’m guessing that the makers of Fluxx recognize the thematic problem, as there are many themed variants available. That may ultimately improve the experience, and they do include other cards such as Creeper, Meta and Surprise cards to try and spice things up, but I didn’t think it did enough to make it more enjoyable. Fluxx is one you’ll continue to see on the shelf for many years to come, but I recommend leaving it there every time.

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