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February 19, 2014 / Jett

Ticket to Ride USA 1910 Expansion Review

photo 1(5)Over the past few months, Ticket to Ride has almost become a mainstay at Steff and I’s tabletop nights. I think it’s masterfully done, though if I were to knock it for anything, it’s for the fact that the 30 destination tickets wears a bit thin after playing the game a number of times. They also leave certain swaths of the map largely untouched because they don’t directly map to destination tickets.

With 39 new destination cards, The Ticket to Ride USA 1910 Expansion is a direct answer to this dilemma. However, the expansion comes with a total of 181 cards. What the heck are the rest used for?

photo 3(3)The rest of the set includes one new Globetrotter card, which rewards the player with bonus points if they have completed the most routes, as well as reprints of all the original cards in a standard card size. It’s worth noting that the new destinations and Globetrotter card are also in standard size, unlike the cards with the original game that were much smaller. I like the new size, as it feels more comfortable to hold while also being easier to shuffle. With that said, it is kind of disappointing that the majority of this expansion is content that you already have. There’s also a rulebook for 3 new gameplay variants, though I don’t find any of them to be as compelling as the classic rules.

If you’re looking for new destination cards and larger replacement cards for the originals, then the Ticket to Ride USA 1910 Expansion is worth your money. However, if you’re only looking for new destination cards, then the fact that most of this expansion contains cards that you already own in a different size is definitely a bummer.

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