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February 14, 2014 / Jett

Pick-Up Post: Board Game Edition

Forbidden DesertEven though hot new video games are finally start to trickle in after months of inactivity, it’s going to have a hard time shaking me of my current interest in board games. In this pick-up post, I highlight some of my most recent purchases, which includes one new game and two expansions for some of my favourites!

Forbidden DesertForbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert is the latest game from Matt Leacock. Up until now, I didn’t really know or care about board game designer names, but I really like Pandemic and wanted to try out more of his work. In this one, you and your team have crash-landed in a desert. You must find all of the missing pieces of a mythical flying machine to get out alive, though that won’t be easy with mother nature in the way. If you don’t work as a team to get out, you’ll either die of thirst, get buried under sand or get swept away in a tornado. I’ve played a few games so far and it’s interesting, though I’d like to play more of it before passing my final judgment.

Buy Forbidden Desert Now From

Formula D Circuits 3: Docks and Singapore

Formula D continues to be a huge hit every time it hits the table. I do want to get all of the expansions eventually, but I jumped straight to Circuits 3 for a few reasons. For one, there was only one left at 401 Games, while Circuits 1 and 4 are in strong supply. The other reason is that I think it has the coolest looking tracks of the four out so far. Singapore is based on the Formula 1 night race, while The Docks looks absolutely crazy with branching paths, narrow pathways and a large section of track that is oddly interconnected. Can’t wait to tear up these streets! Also, before I let this go, I’m also excited for the Sochi expansion that’s coming out soon!

Buy Formula D Circuits 3: Docks and Singapore

Legendary: Fantastic Four Expansion

As recently as a few days ago, I stated on this very blog my disinterest and concerns with this very Fantastic Four expansion. I’m not really a fan of this particular Marvel universe and I have concerns about the value proposition of this “small box” expansion. However, having played a bit more Legendary of late, I’ve come to the realization that my preconceived affinity towards characters doesn’t necessarily translate towards my enjoyment of the game. If anything, I’ve found that many Marvel heroes I dislike are actually some of my favourites to use in the game. Also, having done a little homework on this expansion, it looks like the cards bring with them some new and interesting gameplay elements that I’m excited to try. Once I get a chance at taking down Galactus, I’ll report back with a review!

Buy Legendary: Fantastic Four Expansion Now From

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