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February 4, 2014 / Jett

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop

Ever since I caught a serious case of board game fever, I’ve scoured high and low for board game information and recommendations. Just to name a few, I’ve taken recommendations from the game gurus at Snakes and Lattes, caught up on many back episodes of the Dice Tower podcast and have scoured through the pages of Board Game Geek. These have all been great, though one particular show really stands out as a valuable resource.

Created and hosted by Wil Weaton, Tabletop is a weekly show in which he and other nerd celebrities play board games. At the start of each episode, he explains the basics. From there, they play it out while providing insight into how it’s played and how they feel about it. I haven’t watched all of the episodes yet, but he does cover a wide variety of board games, from party games to hardcore role-playing affairs.

This show clearly benefits from high production values, quality writing and a passion for the gaming. From the videos I watched, they do a great job of teaching the basics through easy-to-follow tutorials while explaining the rest through the natural progression of the game. It’s also clear to see the passion that Wil has for these games, which I really appreciate. This comes through in his enthusiasm throughout these videos, as well as how each episode constantly presents each game in their best light. I also find the videos to be pretty entertaining, which I can imagine is hard to do when you’re essentially just watching other people play board games.

After watching a number of episodes of Tabletop, I got a great idea of games that I was interested in. In fact, after watching the episode on Pandemic, I immediately went to my way to buy a copy. Thanks to their coverage, they made it look like a game that’s right up my alley. If you’re just getting into board games like me and are looking for another quality resource, definitely check out Tabletop.

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