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January 23, 2014 / Jett

Capturing PlayStation 4 Gameplay

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I’m still just getting my feet wet with the whole game capture thing, but I’m already thinking ahead to capturing PlayStation 4 content. As of writing, the PlayStation 4 currently doesn’t support capture through a device such as the Elgato Game Capture HD due to its built-in HDCP. However, through some research and a few extra bucks, I could be capturing PlayStation 4 video today.

According to those who have tried it, there are certain HDMI splitters that remove the HDCP in the process. The one that keeps coming up is the Orei HD-102. Costing about $30, it’s just a matter of adding this to your daisy chain and you’re good to go.

I actually had one of these ordered on Amazon before I had a change of heart. Although Sony hasn’t stated exactly when they’ll remove the HDCP, there is reason to hold out until that update. Also, I’ve kind of exhausted my limited PlayStation 4 catalogue already. Maybe I’ll change my mind if I’ll have to wait a really long time for the update, but it’s probably best that I abstain for now.

Buy OREI HD-102 1×2 1 Port HDMI Powered Splitter Ver 1.3 Certified for Full HD 1080P & 3D Support (One Input To Two Outputs) Now From

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