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December 22, 2013 / Jett

I don’t like this style of game, but…

During Black Friday, I bought a copy of LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes. Historically, I haven’t been a fan of the LEGO games, as I don’t have fun playing them. Quite frankly, I suck at them. I always get stuck on the puzzles, even though they’re designed for little kids to figure out. In spite of that, I still bought this in hopes that the Marvel license and a sale price of $25 would be the turning point. After two hours of disappointing play time, I packed it up and traded it in.

The “I normally don’t like this style but…” purchase is one that, in hindsight, I make way too often.

As a gaming enthusiast, I like to have a well-rounded view on the landscape. I also don’t like the thought of missing out on awesome games because of a preconceived notion that all games of that style are bad. For instance, had I stuck to my stealth-hating ways, I never would have played Mark of the Ninja, which is one of my favourite games from 2012. However, letting my guard down has only left me with heartbreak after playing Splinter Cell: Conviction, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Dishonored. I can only imagine my feelings when I eventually play Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection, which I bought almost solely off the strength of the fact that it was $10. With racing games, I’m even worse. At best, I got mixed results of of Burnout Paradise and Split/Second, yet I still bought Blur, Dirt 2, Forza Horizon and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

I remember that part in Far Cry 3 where Vaas described insanity as the act of trying to do the same thing repeatedly in hopes of getting a different result each time. Maybe I am insane for the amount of times I intentionally buy games in styles and genres that I don’t like, but hope that this next one will be that hidden gem. In general, I really should do a better job of managing my purchasing decisions.

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  1. jjmahoney007 / Dec 22 2013 10:57 AM

    I have that same problem with other genres. Turn-based strategy games (like FF Tactics). I can’t count how many times I’ve given them a try, but then was quickly reminded that I don’t like that genre. Thankfully I haven’t actually bought the games, but I came close with the newest Fire Emblem (quite a few times actually, and it’s still in my Amazon cart!).

    Recently I did the same with Pokemon. I wanted to try Pokemon in the spring, so I got a copy of Platinum on the DS. After about an hour I was bored. It was too repetitive. But for some reason I thought Pokemon X or Y might be different. I grabbed X (not on sale either), expecting to love it. I’m sure you can guess what I thought of it after 2 hours.

    I need to realize that it’s okay to not like certain genres. People might rave that a game is the best in the genre, and one of the best games on that system (like Fire Emblem Awakening). But if I don’t like genre, that’s okay. Even if I buy it, it probably won’t be the best game on that system for me. My brain should read those reviews with a disclaimer: “Game A is the best game of it’s genre! But if you hate that genre, you won’t like this game.”

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