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February 29, 2012 / Jett

Jett vs. CK0 Phantom, a Top 10 Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012

On today’s edition of Jett vs., I face off against some lofty competition. CK0 Phantom at the time we fought, was the #7 ranked Dhalsim on XBOX Live. Going into the match, I was really nervous, as I was facing someone a few levels above me, and someone who had their mic plugged in and was freely cursing back at me. Hearing the person on the other side always puts me on edge, and sometimes it rattles me to the point where I play worse. Was I able to overcome my nerves to win?

About Cammy vs. Dhalsim

This match-up is generally considered to be in Cammy’s favour, as she happens to have some inherent advantages against him. While Dhalsim has some great tools to keep many of his opponents out, Cammy has a number of mobility and attack options to either sneak around or simply punish Dhalsim’s keep-away tactics.

As a Cammy player, I love this match-up. I feel like I can do almost anything I want against Dhalsim because it’s extremely difficult for him to keep her away. In particular, I like to punish teleports and predictable pokes with uppercuts, as well as pressure really hard on wake up, as Dhalsim’s options getting off the ground are limited.

The Match

This match boils down to the Dhalsim player’s ability to keep Cammy out. While CK0 Phantom may be one of the best Dhalsim players on XBOX Live, but he too is going to have difficulty overcoming a bad character match-up. In round 1, CK0 started out great, using great pokes to keep me at bay. However, things go sour for him after I score a knockdown at 74 in-game seconds. He guesses wrong two more times on wake-up, which leads to him getting dizzy and ultimately losing the round.

In round 2, I jump out to an early lead by carrying the momentum I built up from the previous round. However, he manages to turn it around through smart pokes and by punishing my failed ultra attempt with a super. In the third, I think me using the EX Spiral Arrow through his Yoga Flame and me uppercutting him out of his teleport really broke things open for me.

In Hindsight

CK0 Phantom is a great player who got caught in a bad character match-up. My objective was to exploit Dhalsim’s inability to keep Cammy out by rushing in as aggressively as I could. With that said, if we played an extended set, I think CK0 Phantom would have figured me out and adjusted accordingly.


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