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January 31, 2012 / Jett

Out Now: Final Fantasy XIII-2 and SoulCalibur V

January 2012 has sucked for new video game releases. Not much of anything has come out this month, and the only game that I’ve seen get any sort of buzz around it is Amy, which gained buzz for all the wrong reasons. Fret not my friends, games are on the way. 2012’s first big releases hit today, as Final Fantasy XIII-2 and SoulCalibur V are in stores now.

Gamers who felt cheated by Final Fantasy XIII should have more to look forward to in the follow-up. From what I’ve heard, Final Fantasy XIII-2 actively addresses the faults of the original; primarily the fact that the original made you play through what was essentially a 40-hour hallway. I have no interest in the Final Fantasy series, but I’m hoping this game lives up to your expectations should you choose to pick it up.

Also out this week is SoulCalibur V, the hotly-anticipated fighting game from Namco Bandai. I’m a casual fan of the series at best, but I’m very curious to see what Namco has done to evolve the series to fit into the new era of fighting games. I have no plans on picking this one up right away, but I could see myself buying it when it goes on the cheap.

Do you have plans of picking up either Final Fantasy XIII-2 or SoulCalibur V today or in the future? Let’s discuss in the comments!

P.S. – Just in case you are interested in picking up either game and would like to support the site, you can buy them through In Third Person and Check out the handy links below!

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Buy SoulCalibur V From

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