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November 1, 2011 / Jett

Movember 2012 Special: More of Gaming’s Best Moustaches

On a whim last year, I decided to write a mildly humourous post about video game moustaches to help promote Movember, a movement in which men grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. To my surprise, it ended up being the second most visited post of all-time on In Third Person. I have no way of measuring this, but I hope that the original post somehow made a positive impact on Movember.

Thanks to the success of the original, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to revisit the subject. There are a ton of gaming moustaches worth talking about, so why not? If you’d like to partake or donate to Movember, check out the website for more information.

Mike Haggar

Things have been picking up for the mayor of Metro City of late. Gamers can now relive his original adventure in Final Fight on iOS, or take control of the mayor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where he crushes his opponents with his spinning lariats and his jumping lead pipe attack. His moustache is a bit thick, but well groomed. If I were judging him based on moustache alone, I’d say he’d be a fine mayor. However, knowing that he’ll take out thugs with his bare hands and piledrive sharks if need be, I’d nominate him to be the mayor of Earth if I could.


Wario’s journey through video games has been a bit messed up to say the least. Having started out as a villain to Super Mario, he’s since gone on to be the face of the WarioWare series, which are some of the weirdest and inventive games of the past decade. As for his moustache, it looks like he’s been electrocuted a few too many times. However, I think that the moustache is the least of his worries when he’s also has dwarf ears and giant red nose the size of Texas.


In a world where it’s normal for 10 year old’s to leave their home to travel and where giant creatures can fit into a tennis ball-sized container, the fact that certain animals in this world can grow moustaches isn’t anything mind-blowing. However, for a non-human, those super-long handlebars are quite impressive. When it comes to Pokmon, I’m mainly a Raichu guy, which infuriates my girlfriend Steff when we play Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64. He has this one attack that just stuns every Pokemon in front of him, which basically gives him a free win.

Everything in Scribblenauts

This one is cheating just a bit. However, it would be a shame if I didn’t mention the advances is moustache technology that are packed into Scribblenauts. Not only can you summon any number of moustaches, but you can resize them, colour them, stick them onto anything and more. In the screenshot above, I attached different coloured moustaches to Maxwell, a cat, a zebra, an elephant and God. I’m not sure we’ll ever do better than this when it comes to moustache technology.



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  1. Muuurgh / Nov 1 2011 3:13 PM

    Hahaha love the Alakazam and Scribblenauts post. Don’t forget about Dr. Wily, though!!

    • Jett / Nov 1 2011 4:37 PM

      Thanks for the comment! I did not forget about Dr. Wily. I’m saving him for 2013 😉

  2. Josh / Nov 2 2011 6:51 AM

    Loled at Alakazam for a minute straight. Great post Jett. Might I suggest Sully from Uncharted?

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