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September 28, 2010 / Jett

Pick Up Post: Tekken 6 Limited Edition Fightstick Bundle for PS3

Back when I bought Super Street Fighter IV for the PS3, I was kind of hoping that I wouldn’t spend any more money on this game. Having two copies of the same game for different consoles struck me as excessive. However, playing against my friends has gotten pretty frequent, pretty serious, and my Dualshock 3 experiment ended with a painful left hand and sore thumbs.

Having owned the Mad Catz TEHori EX 2, Fighting Stick Wii by Hori and the Hori Tekken 6 Fightstick at some point or another, I had a good grasp of what was out there and what best suited my needs and my budget. In the end, I went with the Hori Tekken 6 Fightstick for PS3, which comes with Tekken 6 and the art book.

I went with this stick based on the price of the unit and based on its performance. I adore my Mad Catz TE, but its the Lamborghini of fightsticks. They’re hard to find in my area and they’re not cheap when you do find one. For the purposes of battling it out with my friends, I couldn’t justify paying a premium price for a premium stick. With the Tekken 6  bundle, I was able to get the stick, art book and game for less than half of the price of a Mad Catz TE.

Sure, the Hori Tekken 6 Fightstick does not have the overall polish of the TE, but based on my time with my XBOX 360 version, this stick gets the job done. Both versions of the stick work well and in my opinion are a step up from the Hori EX 2. The buttons and stick are responsive enough and I’ve never experienced it not doing it what I wanted to do. If you’re into heavy fightsticks, its worth noting that this one is really light, which is great for portability, but not always the most stable fighstick to have on your lap or tabletop.

Having put in a number of hours into the PS3 version of the stick, I can report that for the most part, its identical to the 360 version. However, PS3 owners have to deal with a few kinks. The XBOX 360 one performs exactly like a regular controller would. You sync the stick by hitting the sync buttons on the stick and the console. On the PS3, you need a USB dongle plugged into the system in order for the system to recognize the controller. Having the extra hardware is a turn-off, especially if you ever lose or break that USB dongle. Once that dongle is gone, you can’t use the stick anymore. Though this is mostly just a cosmetic gripe, the XBOX 360 fightstick has the actual XBOX button on it. The Playstation 3 version just has a plain black button rather than the actual PS button. Neither of those quirks are deal-breakers.

If you’re looking for an affordable fightstick on the Playstation 3, I think finding a Tekken 6 bundle is a great way to go. Not only do you get an entry-level stick from a top fighstick manufacturer at a price that’s been heavily marked down at most stores, but you also get Tekken 6 and an art book for free, should you be a Tekken 6 fan. Now that I have one of these, I can show my PS3 owning friends that it really was the Dualshock 3 holding me back.


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